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Mighty Community is for anyone using community, courses, events, content, and paid subscriptions to build a business.  Made up of thousands of people from across the world, many of them Mighty Hosts who are building on Mighty Networks and sharing their best practices and wins.  

Mighty Community is also where you’ll find the premiere course that will teach you how to build a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it practically runs itself: the Community Design™️ Accelerator.  Taught on a rolling basis over five weeks, you can join the Community Design™️ Accelerator at any point and catch up on live sessions and connect with other entrepreneurs and creators building communities with a Mighty Network. 

Finally, if you’re already a Mighty Host you’ll gain access to a private group, only for Hosts building with Mighty Networks on our Business and Community plans. This is where you’ll have direct access to our Community Design™️ lead and be able to see our product roadmap, get sneak peeks of new features, and get free strategy help from our team. 

Here in Mighty Community, our goal is to help you:

  • Meet other creators like you, so that we can all exchange ideas, learn new strategies, and uncover new ways to successfully launch and grow our own Mighty Networks

  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to recruit new members, launch your first online course, or generate revenue from your Mighty Network

  • Get answers to the burning questions you just can't Google when it comes to launching a new business with community at the center of it 

  • Find inspiration and get encouragement from your peers. 💪

What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is where creators and brands can build businesses they are proud of 

A Mighty Network is the simplest way to bring together your community, content, events, online courses, and subscription commerce—all in one place.


Tens of thousands of creators just like you are using Mighty Networks to build businesses that bring people together through selling experiences, relationships, and expertise. 

If you're anything like other Mighty "Hosts" (that's what we call our customers—you!), this might be what you're managing every day:

In short, it’s a mess. That's why we created Mighty Networks.

When you create a Mighty Network, we'll start you off with a 14-day free trial of The Business Plan, so you can explore all of our features.

Want the Instruction Manual?

We'll teach you how to create a thriving community so valuable you can charge for it and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.

It turns out there's a formula for setting up a community that's easy, energizing, and––dare we say it––fun. We call it Community Design™

In our Community Design Accelerator Course™ our goal is to show you how to take your brand, course, ideas, or goals and translate them into a thriving community—one that’s relentlessly creative, productive, evolving, and surfaces all the right kinds of joy and surprises for both you and your members.

Ready to dive in?

Join us in Mighty Community to meet amazing creators and entrepreneurs just like you who are successfully launching and growing their own Mighty Networks.

We've got Mighty Success Stories you can explore, opportunities to meet our team, and a resource library full of guides, strategies, and tips for how to successfully launch your own Mighty Network. 👉

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